Throughout my portfolio, you'll find several podcasts to which I've contributed. From simple conversation-edits to fully designing audio and music, and even creating immersive 3D audio plays. Crafting stories using only audio is, to me, the ultimate method for achieving a fully immersive experience. In my portfolio, you'll encounter four distinct types of podcasts:
1. 3D audio plays In collaboration with Lab³, I've crafted a 3D audio play available as a podcast. In "Kerst met de familie van Swieten," you'll step into the perspective of a family dog in the midst of a family drama. You can listen to the binaural version on Spotify or experience the full 3D version on YouTube.
2. Autonomous Podcast — In "De wondere wereld van 3D audio, we zitten er middenin" you'll hear an explainer about 3D audio. In this podcast I've created the story, recorded my own voice and designed the audio/music.
3. Sound-Designed Documentaries — Take a listen to KLM's "The Journey," and you'll be immersed in fully sound-designed travel stories that transport you to different worlds.
4. Conversations  I've contributed by creating the main theme for the "#PRAATMETME" podcast and have handled editing duties for numerous episodes across various podcasts.
My passion lies in the art of storytelling through sound, and I've had the privilege of exploring various podcasting avenues to create unique and engaging auditory experiences.