Matthijs Koster
Born ‍and ‍raised ‍in ‍Haarlem ‍(NL), ‍1992.
‍Studied ‍Music ‍& ‍Technology ‍at ‍the ‍University ‍of ‍Arts ‍in ‍Utrecht (HKU).
In 2013 I started a band together with Dimitri Opstal, called BAPTIST. We created music with a mixture of electronic sounds, acoustic drums, guitars and vocals. For our live shows we were accompanied by Pepijn Borgwat with live visuals. We played venues like Paradiso, Tivoli, Patronaat and in 2018 we were selected for 12 Popronde shows, including the endshow in Melkweg. 
‍In ‍2016 ‍I ‍started ‍working ‍at ‍‍LAB-3 ‍in ‍Amsterdam. ‍Here ‍I ‍create ‍music ‍and ‍sound ‍for ‍commissioned ‍works, ‍such ‍as ‍TV ‍commercials, ‍short ‍movies, ‍exhibitions ‍and ‍podcasts. ‍I ‍also ‍like ‍to ‍explore ‍new ‍ways ‍to ‍use ‍music ‍and ‍sound, such as ‍3D ‍audio.
‍Besides ‍making ‍music, ‍I ‍also ‍like ‍to ‍DJ. ‍I volunteer as an inhouse ‍DJ ‍at ‍Patronaat ‍Haarlem. ‍This ‍is ‍also where my guilty pleasure ‍DJ ‍team ‍‍Natte ‍Sokken ‍was ‍born.
Matthijs Koster in the sun