Matthijs Koster
Born and raised in Haarlem (NL) in 1992, I pursued my passion for music and technology by studying at the University of Arts in Utrecht (HKU).
In 2016, I embarked on a creative journey at ‍‍Lab³ ‍in Amsterdam, where I specialize in crafting music and sound for commissioned projects, including TV commercials, short films, exhibitions, and podcasts. Exploring innovative approaches to music and sound, such as 3D audio, is a personal interest of mine. In 2023, I was honored to be invited to join the management team and earned the position of Senior Creative.
In the same year, I initiated a thrilling project called Nachtvocht with Pepijn Borgwat. Nachtvocht is an electrifying fusion of two artistic worlds, blending visuals by Pepijn Borgwat with my music to create an electronic experiment filled with unexpected twists—a journey through the night where energy literally drips from every moment.
Beyond music production, I also have a passion for DJing. I serve as a volunteer in-house DJ at Patronaat Haarlem, a role that led to the creation of my guilty pleasure DJ team, ‍Natte ‍Sokken.
Recently, I have opened a new chapter in my career by joining MOST Audio Post, an audio and music studio located in Amsterdam at Jacob van Lennepkade 187. Here, I am responsible for all audio post-production and sound design, and also work as a composer. At MOST Audio Post, I collaborate with current partners Ivo Witteveen and Diederik Idenburg, where we focus on delivering high-quality audio productions for a variety of media and entertainment projects. For more information, visit our website: MOST Audio Post.
My journey in the world of music, technology, and creativity continues to evolve, and I look forward to sharing my artistry and innovation with you.