Matthijs Koster
Born ‍and ‍raised ‍in ‍Haarlem ‍(NL), ‍1992.
‍Studied ‍Music ‍& ‍Technology ‍at ‍the ‍University ‍of ‍Arts ‍in ‍Utrecht (HKU).
‍In ‍2016 ‍I ‍started ‍working ‍at ‍‍Lab³ ‍in ‍Amsterdam. ‍Here ‍I ‍create ‍music ‍and ‍sound ‍for ‍commissioned ‍works, ‍such ‍as ‍TV ‍commercials, ‍short ‍movies, ‍exhibitions ‍and ‍podcasts. ‍I ‍also ‍like ‍to ‍explore ‍new ‍ways ‍to ‍use ‍music ‍and ‍sound, such as ‍3D ‍audio. In 2023 I got invited to be part of the managementteam and also became a senior creative.
In 2023 I started a new project called Nachtvocht with Pepijn Borgwat. With Nachtvocht, the energy literally drips off. Two worlds merge into a grueling journey through the night. Pepijn Borgwat (visuals) and I (music) make our wet dreams come true in this electronic experiment full of unexpected twists.
‍Besides ‍making ‍music, ‍I ‍also ‍like ‍to ‍DJ. ‍I volunteer as an inhouse ‍DJ ‍at ‍Patronaat ‍Haarlem. ‍This ‍is ‍also where my guilty pleasure ‍DJ ‍team ‍‍Natte ‍Sokken ‍was ‍born.